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    Inter-University Challenge
    The Inter-university Innovation Challenge is to develop
    highly competent and confident student entrepreneurs who have the capacity to
  • OpenIX aims at building high-performance open innovation org...


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  • Do you have an idea or have you developed a technology ?

Technology OffersTechnology Offers

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  • OpenIX is an Open Innovation Exchange...

About UsAbout OpenIX

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  • software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ip...


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About OpenIX

OpenIX is a South African platform that delivers tangible solutions to persistent challenges and connects leading African researchers and technology entrepreneurs with imminent commercial opportunities. 


Challenges are posted by the government and private sector partners and reflect a strategic need defined through a rigorous process. We then source appropriate solutions from our extensive innovation community.

Technology Offers

Technology Offers are vetted late-stage R&D or prototypes posted by researchers and entrepreneurs looking for co-development partners, licensing and commercial opportunities. Engage with cutting-edge African innovators now.

  • Challenge

    The Challenge is defined by a carefully selected team of experts familiar with the Challenge topic.

  • Connect

    Promote the Challenge within networks of potential solution providers

  • Consider

    Evaluate, following a dashboard approach to test what has been delivered against the defined need.

  • Commit

    The normal procurement process will be followed with regard to the Challenge owner organisation

Most Recent Challenges

Health and Safety in Foundry Industries

TIHMC in partnership with the NFTN is seeking solutions to assist in a...

Health and Safety in Foundry Industries

TIHMC in partnership with the NFTN is seeking solutions to assist in a...

social distancing model

Problem: people are not adhering to the social distancing rule.

Marketplace For Service Seekers And Service providers

Time is the most valuable commodity nowadays, and nothing proves this...

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